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2022-05-14 13:57:00 By : Mr. Bobby Lu

Don't let choosing the correct traffic control system become a burden to you

Protecting perimeters, buildings, property and people is no small responsibility, whether it is an embassy, a school, factory or farmers market. Knowing you have the right equipment in place to secure your facility and to prevent human tragedies brings a peace of mind that no amount of money can buy.

Carefully researching available options and consulting with experts will ultimately lead to the right solution for you. Keeping pedestrians safe, protecting structures from accidental or intentional automobile crashes, and force protection (keeping employees and visitors from harm) have always been a concern. From pedestrian-filled farmers markets and universities to new and used car lots, a wide variety of agencies find peace of mind using of barriers, barricades, bollards and crash gates for vehicle-based physical access control at the perimeter.

You might be surprised at how versatile perimeter protection equipment has become, even in difficult installation environments. Here is a look at what is available in the world of physical security today. From sturdy, portable crash barriers that can be towed into place to barricades that will stop a 15-ton truck in its tracks, going 50 miles per hour, physical access control has evolved and adapted. No matter how large, small or temporary the application may be, there is a security solution.

Wedge Barriers With a crash rating as high as K54 in widths up to 240 inches, a lowered wedge barrier will allow the flow of authorized vehicles. These security barricades are the first line of defense at critical facilities including embassies, nuclear facilities, military bases and corporate headquarters. They provide high-speed operations, shallow foundations and sleek designs that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective. With security systems built for high-traffic locations requiring rapid emergency fast operation rates, these counter-terrorism barricade systems can meet and exceed governments’ highest-level requirements.

This article originally appeared in the January / February 2022 issue of Security Today.

Fred Nelson may be new to the security industry but his sales and leadership methods are time tested, and true. Fred joined AMAG only a few months ago, but brings with him a wealth of experience in sales and life balance solutions. This year is off to a good start for AMAG with new solutions on the horizon.

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